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It starts with a pencil and a blank sheet of paper. As you express your ideas, tastes, needs, desires, and expectations, we will discover your perfect, bespoke design. At Artesion, we approach every single project first as artists. Our goal is not just to improve your home, but to elevate the experience of being there. The result is always a project that is aesthetically stunning, incredibly functional, and reliably enduring.


Founded by abstract artist Stephen Hadley and expert craftsman Ryan Brough, Artesion blends two important strengths to produce the highest quality custom construction work available in Central New York: impeccable building and impassioned artistry.


Operating in both the residential and commercial realms, Artesion is your choice for any setting that you wish to have a unique and striking ambiance. We transform a space into an extraordinary work of art. Frequently requested projects include:



  • Distinctive kitchens for entertaining
  • Amazingly serene bathrooms
  • Efficient and aesthetic office spaces with custom desks
  • Wine cellars
  • Enhancing structural features such as stone columns, wall waterfalls, custom doors, and structural iron.
  • The use of unique materials like reclaimed and distressed wood, tin, copper, and stone.



The potential for your space is limited only by your imagination. Contact Artesion’s designers to uncover the possibilities that surround you.